I initially started out creating a site about a Project Leader.  My past experience involved in
installing new
ERP systems, upgrades, interfacing between multiple applications and
enhancements to legacy systems all involved a standard approach using mainly a waterfall
methodology.  Project management with the waterfall method, I would faithfully use a project
management methodology and stick to the
System Development Life Cycle (SDLC).  

For the most part a decent Initiation Document was generated.  A basic attempt of a feasibility
study was also done.  Then the Analysis Phase was started.  

I never thought about it but a true uninterrupted flow of the cycle never really happened.  All
the intentions were there but after the
Analysis Phase, when resources were available,  we
would start the design and development to help the project and to please management, show
them development, convincing everyone the project is well on its way.

Here’s the problem.  Without the full analysis being completed,  either incomplete development
or unnecessary development is unavoidable.   Someone like a Financial Analyst may not have
been involved and would chime in about an existing process that was never identified.  So now
redevelopment has to be done.   Not what a
project manager wants to hear.

Full analysis would require all angles, all
prototypes and thought out interactions between
applications or procedures.  A true Project Leader would make sure these things were in
order.  How do you convince management things are going well without showing the
developers doing something?   It takes a lot of education and communication to management
for them to believe in the system.  It also takes the understanding that the project will take
longer to see progress.  Only 3 phases of this 8 phase process have been completed.

Should we wait for
Initiation, Feasibility, Analysis, Design, Development, and full Testing?  I will
not go into a full explanation but will state a good Project Leader has ways of making it happen.  
Analyzing what can go forward.  Have your analyst(s) think through the process identifying the
connections between the applications or processes involved.  A good working relationship
between the System Analyst and the
Business Analyst will help make this possible.

Soon all phases of the project had come to completion.  Could that project be done differently?
Not really.  
Agile Management was not even in our vocabulary.  Can that particular project be
done differently?  Most likely.

If a business needs to implement a full ERP system, there is no inexpensive way of using Agile
Management. A business running a
legacy systems trying to implement a total reinstall of
another would have to be handled one of two ways.

1st way using the
Waterfall method doing a proper feasibility study getting the 10,000 foot level
cost consisting of Time, Scope and Resource. Following the
SDLC process and getting the
system installed.

2nd way and I’m not sure if it is even feasible. Implement different modules using Agile
Management but including
development of interfaces from the Old Legacy with New Software.
Delivering each sprint for each application. AP, AR, Credit, Customer Service , ………. Up to 20
more …… like Shipping and Treasury and finally after the last install ridding the interfaces.

Including with the interfaces needing a recovery of when the two systems get out of sync.

On the other hand, modifications or to an existing system,  Agile project management has been
proven to be very successful.  I've taken on this site, Virtual Project Leader,  as a project.  I
took the approach of delivering portions of the site in different sprints.  If using a standard
waterfall method, there wouldn't be the opportunity of getting the site released as early using
agile management lends to.  

This site has the stages it went through and currently still in progress.  When we are finished
with this you should have a decent reference and hopefully another tool in your belt to use.
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